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We offer ONGOING REGISTRATION and free evaluation to determine entry levels and respond with individualized and customized programs for adults, teenagers and children. Call 905-826-3334 and set up an appointment for registration, evaluation or consultation.

 or more than 30 years, I have spent my life searching for ways to shape my teaching - to discover and create an invigorating, positive learning environment for students. Some people love golf, bridge, tennis or shopping - I am passionate about teaching and surrounding myself with an exceptional team of instructors that share my vision for continuous top-level performance in teaching second languages. CONVERSE knows how to ignite confidence and fuel the zest for conversing in a language other than your own.

CONVERSE captures that passion, offering students the opportunity both to feel and learn a language. We have created an experience that draws from the best teaching methods and the best teachers - an experience that captures interest, generates energy and inspires confidence through a warm atmosphere. Learning is enjoyable, easy and fast.

Now more than ever, learning languages is integral to success. Spanish, English and Mandarin are the second most spoken languages in our rapidly globalizing world - and CONVERSE is uniquely positioned to instill in our students a love of languages, whether for competitive professional advantage or personal growth.

--Nicole Lescouzères-Debleu