About Us

Experience and expertise

  • We teach the top four languages learned in the U.S. and spoken in the world
  • We only engage experienced, charismatic, native language instructors and administrators
  • We design, develop and implement programs at all levels
  • We offer options that include group, private, corporate courses for adults or children
  • We keep groups small to ensure individualized attention and the maximization of potential
  • We conduct a free evaluation to determine entry levels and respond with individualized and customized programs and approaches

The learning environment

  • We create an environment that allows learning to thrive
  • We focus on conversation while also teaching writing, reading and pronunciation
  • We develop a seamless series of programs suitable for each - from novice to expert
  • We offer a blended learning approach with a wide range of programs, modules and seminars
  • We teach with practical application to deliver results, fluency and confidence
  • We emphasize engagement and interaction through activities that teach language in context
  • We offer a coherent, effective syllabus to ensure continuous improvement and development
  • We facilitate accessibility and affordability with once- a -week programs or intensive sessions
  • We provide alternatives for missed classes
  • We constantly monitor strengths and weaknesses and offer challenges or remediation
  • We listen to our students and follow-up on their course assessments

Value added

  • We deliver certificates of completion and comprehensive evaluation at the end of each course
  • We prepare students for various second language examinations or diploma programs
  • We integrate cultural acquisitions into our curriculum
  • We augment learning by offering extra curricular activities to maintain proficiency and encourage enjoyment of languages