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It just so happens that almost all gambling in the United States has developed slightly differently than in Europe or Asia. This version of entertainment with a rotating game wheel and a ball running along its chute appeared in this country in the middle of the 19th century. During the rapid breakthrough of computer technology in the world, a version of American Roulette online appeared in which you can comfortably play at home, safely comprehend all the interesting secrets of the game and experiment with bets in a free mode. It was the Americans who managed to significantly simplify the entertainment procedure and make it more dynamic. And the presence of double zero here is the main feature and adds another Top Line bet, which pays six to one.

The game wheel is divided here into 38 sectors with numbers 0, 00, and from 1 to 36, and all cells differ in parity, denomination and colors (red, black and green). The frequency of wins online Roulette American here directly depends on the players’ ability to make tactically competent bets, the composure of the participants and their experience in assessing the events taking place from the standpoint of the chosen strategy and certain mathematical laws.

American Roulette online rules and betting

Today, every self-respecting resident of this country thoroughly knows the rules of American casino online Roulette and knows how to confidently play this version of the game. Anyone who has just decided to try their hand here should know the following criteria and bets:

  1. Before the start of the game in American Roulette online, all its participants must decide on the rates of the denomination and type, which are carried out until the moment the game wheel begins to spin. The goal here is to guess which sector the ball will land on. All bets placed after the wheel has started and the ball are void.
  2. The winning number is determined after a complete stop of the Roulette. In the event that a person’s bet turned out to be successful, the amount won is automatically calculated for him, which is added to his individual game account. For those who are unlucky, the cash equivalent of the bet is debited from the account.
  3. All users during the entertainment have the opportunity to place bets on such positions as Straight (winnings are calculated in the ratio 35: 1), Split (17: 1), Three line (11: 1), Corner (8 to 1), Top line on Numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 (6 to 1), Six line (5 to 1). Participants are also allowed to make more profitable outside bets on Column fields with three horizontal rows of numbers (the win is calculated in a ratio of 2 to 1), Dozen (2 to 1), Red / Black (1 to 1), Even / Odd (1 to 1) And 1-18 / 19-36 (paid 1 to 1).

The process of setting bets is provided by a user-friendly interface with convenient buttons for managing the limits.

Betting strategies for free American Roulette on the Internet

A large number of local users are ardent fans of free American Roulette online, so it will be useful for them to know some secrets of bets execution:

  • While playing without personal cash investment, people can practice the very progressive Martingale method. That is, to double the bet after each loss;
  • For beginners, it will be very useful to use the popular Labouchere system, which is considered the best for this game;
  • Another most reliable and trustworthy strategy for players that will further increase the chances of guaranteed winnings and significantly minimize financial losses for people is the d’Alembert system.

Anyone who wants to gain experience in order to get rich quickly should use the free game more often.

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