Casino roulette types

Today it is difficult to imagine at least one gambling establishment without roulette. A simple game with 37 (38) fields has conquered all the casinos in the world. With the transition of a significant part of the gaming business to the online space, a new era has begun for the queen of board games. Roulette slot machines appeared at every software manufacturer. Since the creators of virtual tables were not constrained by any restrictions, many original versions appeared – up to multiball and multiwheel roulette.

A little about the history of the Roulette

Roulette was invented in France in the 17th century by the brilliant mathematician Blaise Pascal. For the first time, visitors to a gambling establishment were able to play roulette in 1796. After another 50 years, perhaps the most important change was made to it – the “Zero” or “0” sector appeared on the wheel. This gave the casino an advantage over the player. As a result, the whole world was divided into 2 camps – those who believe that it is impossible to beat casinos for money, and those who are trying to refute this. At the same beginning of the nineteenth century, roulette came to the USA, where it got another sector “Double-zero” or “00” and the gambler got even less chances.

Roulette varieties

Today, in gambling halls of real casinos, as a rule, tables with one or several classic options are installed:

  • European roulette – with sector 0;
  • American – roulette containing sectors 0 and 00;
  • French, which differs from the European one by some rules, for example, “La Partage” (if 0 rolls out, the player who has put on equal chances gets half of the bet back).

There is much more choice in online gambling establishments. Here, in order to attract a new player, they are ready to do anything. That is why many exotic options have appeared that increase the chances in the game against the casino – roulette without “Zero”, with several balls (multiball), with several wheels (multiwheel), with a hint, etc. Test all these online options and try to find for them the winning strategy is even free. Many manufacturers and gambling clubs, such as Super Slots Casino, allow you to play roulette for virtual credits without registration.

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