European Roulette Online – The Classic Game Of Chance

Roulette is often called the devil’s game for its unpredictability and lack of patterns. The advance of online gambling has made roulette even more accessible and popular. Today we’ll have a closer look at the classic European roulette online game, reviewing the rules of play, the main bets, and some handy tips for winning.

Rules And Winning Chances In Online Roulette – European Variety

European roulette is a gambling game of chance; the house has a 2.7% advantage over the player. The roulette wheel comprises 36 numbered pockets with alternating black and red backgrounds and the gree Zero sector. The betting table allows you to wager on a single number, a group of up to 18 numbers, or a property of the number (even/odd or red/black).

Based on the position on the betting table, wagering options are subdivided into outside and inside bets. Making an outside bet, you wager on a large group of numbers or a property, which gives you higher chances of winning. Inside bets imply wagering on one number or a small group, which results in higher payouts.

Odds And Payouts On The Main Bets In European Roulette Online Games

Here is the list of payouts and winning odds on the most popular bets in European roulette games:

  • Straight up (a single number on the betting table) – 35:1 payouts, 2.7% winning chance.
  • Street (a line of three numbers) – 11:1 payouts, 8.11% winning chance.
  • Six line (two lines of three numbers each) – 6:1 payouts, 16.22% winning chance.
  • Even/Odd numbers or the Red/Black color – 2:1 payouts, 48.65% winning chance.
  • Split (two numbers) – 17:1 payouts, 5.41% winning chance.
  • Corner (a square of 4 numbers) – 8:1 payouts, 10.81% chance of winning.
  • Column/dozens – 3:1 payouts, 32.43% winning chance.

Knowing the odds and payouts allows you to properly estimate how the reward compares to the risk on a particular wager.

Winning Tips & Tricks For European Roulette Online Players

Betting blindly on your favorite or “lucky” numbers is not the right strategy if you want to win at roulette. Keep the following recommendations in mind when you join a roulette game.

  1. Your safest choice is outside bets. The red/black color, the even/odd parity, the low group of 1-18, the high group of 19-36 – with these bets, your chances of scoring a win are nearly 50/50.
  2. Boost your odds when betting inside the table. Instead of wagering on a single number, bet on several numbers positioned adjacently. Your chances of winning will be greater than on a straight-up wager.
  3. Employ a betting strategy. Although roulette is all about luck and even advanced strategies can’t ensure you win, following a strategy can help you manage and build your bankroll.
  4. Practice in a European roulette online free game before joining a real-money table. The training will help you memorize the rules, bets, and odds. Besides, you can test betting strategies without any risk.
  5. When you win, set aside a portion of the profits. The long-term odds are in the casino’s favor, and wagering all your winnings may leave you with nothing.

Approach a roulette game as a marathon rather than a race. Go slow and steady with good odds, and try high-payout bets only after accumulating some winnings.

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