French Roulette online – key aspects of the game

Roulette is the most popular gambling game. Roulette slot machines are found both in online and offline establishments.

It is considered one of the first types of roulette that has not lost its relevance today. It is the French roulette, the rules of which formed the basis for other varieties of this entertainment, that is considered the first.

French Roulette has a number of features:

  • Lack of cash in the game, instead of them – chips or special tokens for further exchange for real money.
  • French roulette requires careful study of all types of bets before starting the game. Most often, all the names sound in French, only sometimes an English translation is used.
  • When choosing a table, it is important to consider the table of limits, which indicates the minimum and maximum bets.
  • Outside and inside bets can be placed by players, and the participant is allowed to inform the croupier out loud about his move only after the announcement of his action.

When the zero sector falls out, even odds bets have two options:

  • all of them are placed on the field until the next draw. In case of repeated falling out of zero or losing the bet, the profit is given to the casino. If a gambler wins, a return without payment of profit is provided;
  • 50% of the stake goes to the players.

Types of online roulettes in casinos

In addition to the main types of roulettes, there are other, less well-known varieties, endowed with a lot of bonuses and advantages. These include:

  • additional cells that increase the rate to × 500 – Mystery Roulette × 38 (provided by the developer Novomatic);
  • unusual slots, when the ball hits which you can play an additional game using the bonus system Triple Bonus Spin and Double Bonuspin (implemented by ITG);
  • themed roulettes with a slot for a bonus game, for example, based on the Marvel Roulette comics (from the creator of Playtech).

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