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While I did well in the grammar-based core program at school, I was consistently unable to break down my language barrier and use French as a proper tool of communication. Converse Centre picked up on this right at my first evaluation, and tailored their curriculum to help me bridge the gaps. Now, I can even say that I genuinely enjoy learning French. The teachers are patient and work very hard to create outstanding lesson plans – it even gave me the motivation and confidence to complete my Extended Essay in French!


The Converse Center is a great learning environment that provides a more detailed explanation of French language that what is offered at my school. It gives me many opportunities to practise what has been taught in debates and discussions. The center converse teaches a wide range of vocabulary. It has been steadily refining the student’s skills and has been working on perfecting the students’ writing, reading and oral communication skills. The teacher’s is very invested in the class and always makes sure that the students understand the taught concepts. Our teacher consistently asked questions directed to students and corrects mistakes that they have made. I find that the Converse Center in an excellent interactive and warm environment.


Converse Center is a great place to learn a new language particularly French. I myself have been with converse for a long time and over this time, my French has improved to level I previously did not imagine achieving. It takes on aspect of complete immersion and applies it to a classroom learning style. I recommend converse centre to anyone looking to improve and strengthen his or her French.


One of the best elements of the class is the focus on verbal skills and discussion instead of only working on technical skills. The weekly discussion themes are well chosen and interesting. This is the unique program, which complements the school curriculum well


We are happy with the school because the teachers put emphasis on speaking and writing in French. Also not only vocabulary but also structure of the whole sentence is being taught at the same time. Thank you for your effort and patience with the students

Lydia’s mother

Converse Centre has helped me tremendously in improving my skills and confidence when speaking and writing in French. I had a lot of trouble in grade 9 French class, understanding my teacher and the French grammar such as passé compose and imparfait. However in grade 11 and having continues in French until now, French class is a breeze and I come to class already ahead with knowledge on the grammar being taught. I am more confident and successful in speaking French spontaneously and writing without any dedication or Google translate. I am very grateful and very glad I joined Converse and want to continue to further develop my understanding of French language


The converse Centre has taught me more French than my 4 years with my French class. The teachers are organized, concentrated, dedicated and are up to date with the level each student is at. The teaching process is challenging and demanding but fun. Homework is also assigned to help solve our weaknesses and individual problems. They don’t allow any English to be spoken at all and that forces us to think outside of the box when explaining things


I think this program helped me improve my French a lot. This program doesn’t allow us to speak English but only communicate in French so it helped develop my speaking, listening skills. I could see my own improvement at my school because I don’t usually understand what my French teachers. us but for this year and last year, I didn’t need them to translate in English for me. Sometimes, I really feel like explaining.in English but since I cannot, for sure, my speak skills forced to improve


I feel that at Converse Centre each program is designed according to each students and their knowledge on the language. Every teacher that I have had tried her best to teach me French in the way that I prefer to learn. I really like how we don’t have to read and learn out of the books. We are able to oral learn and practise the language. I enjoy all the students and I have gotten to know to… as well. I also really like how each teacher doesn’t only help us learn here, but they help us and teach us the stuff we are learning in French at school. In addition the teachers get to know us and share with us different events that are happening in their lives, which helps us learn the language better


After coming to this school, I think that speaking in French improved by a lot and I feel confident speaking in front of my class during presentations. My understanding also improved, I feel that I understand and communicate using French mores easier. My marks have definitively improved in my opinion. I feel that I am able to read and understand what I am reading. I can always ask the teachers here for help, when my teacher at school is not available to help me. Along the way, I have also met many people that. became my friends. Therefore I believe that coming to this school improved my French by a lot and I would have to continue more about French in university, when I leave high school.


The French classes are very helpful, I learnt a lot. Sometimes it could be very difficult, but these times help me improve. The classes are well planned and utilisable in their full extent. Homework is very helpful and gives lots of practise


It is a very excellent program that made my kids to be confident in French. I deeply appreciate the converse centre and the teachers

Vincent, Vivian & Veronica’ s mother.

Thanks you for all the efforts you have taken with my son Nader. I am very happy with your program, and Nader has improved considerably in French. He has consistently done well in school and now feels confident in the subject. Thank you one again

Nader’s mother.


Matthew had previously spent a year at another French language school in Mississauga but with little success. I found out about Converse through a referral and signed up Matthew with Madame Nicole at the end of last Summer. Matthew has thoroughly enjoyed his experience at Converse over the last few months and really appreciates the teaching style. His French grade has gradually improved and his confidence in the French language elevated. Matthew plans on being part of the Converse French language program for the remainder of his high school years. The original intent was to gain an edge in his academic achievement, now I think it is just as important for him to learn to truly appreciate being proficient in another language. Thanks.

Mr. Yam

Merci! Merci! Et merci! Merci pour votre aide dans mes études secondaires! La raison pour laquelle je vous envoie cet email est que je veux vous dire que j'ai obtenu le niveau "7" (maximum) pour mes études françaises pour des examens BI! Si je n'avais pas votre aide, je n'aurais pas réussir! Mme. Debleu, il faut que je vous remercie! Merci mille fois


Overall I discovered that the French classes at Converse Centre were extremely beneficial to me. I learned something new every class, and I am pleased to say that I finished the class with a much better understanding of French grammar and the confidence to express myself in French. Il will definitively be taking another class here


The Converse Centre’s French class was the best! I learned a lot! I improved on my writing, reading, and oral, it helped me a lot when I had to do presentation at school! I am able to speak to the French teacher at school now too! Merci


I went to another French school in Mississauga but Converse Centre was the best! We were only 5 in my group. We had fun but we learned at lot in 12 weeks! Now my marks at school are above 90%. Merci


These lessons have been very well organized, which greatly contributed to their immense effectiveness. The variation in the activities and the teacher’s refined attention to detail truly create an encompassing and beneficial experience. Do not change anything

Dorota BIB program

This place has taught me more French than many years with my French teachers at school. The teaching method was very effective in helping me understand and learn French. The teachers know what they are doing, are created a plan to help me learn effectively. I will return for more

Saif IB program

The learning process was interactive and extremely effective. I found that I was enjoying learning French that I did not enjoy learning in the past. Our instructor was very accommodative and helped us pinpoint our individual weaknesses and transform them into strengths

Krishna Murali

I felt this activity has really benefitted me and helped to approach French with a new perspective. Starting I saw French as a lot of grammatical rules but later saw it as an intuitive language. It taught me there is not shame in making mistakes but striving and being open to communicate will be rewarded... It helped to communicate by exploring new boundaries beyond language barriers

Yunjo Kim

I love the teaching style, the variety of material and the teaching method impels me into learning better. The learning environment is so intriguing so that I enjoy every lesson all the way. Thank you so much

Anson, IB program

I learn a LOT. I have never spoken only French during class before this definitely helped me with the progress of my French. Many of the questions I had before attending this class have been answered. The teacher’s body expression really helped to understand what we were talking about. I really appreciate the homework that was assigned because it was very personalized and directed to help individual problems

Belicia, core program

I enjoy the learning environment. Putting us on the spot really forces us to understand and avoid English completely. Forcing us to not speak English really helped me to start thinking in French and speak with more confidence

Halina, core program